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Friday, November 2, 2012

Phew! Close one...

Phew! My area of the Northeast dodged a bullet with Superstorm/Hurricane Sandy and the Noreaster (why call it that when it comes down from the northwest to the southeast?) Looks like the Witch of November came early for the Great Lakes!

Here we had a lot of wind (must have been politicians nearby) and rain but no power outages and only one large tree limb fell but didn't hit anything. At least some of the nearby cities got a good washing. New York got flooded, of course, and the subways are full of water. Maybe if this happens a few more times they'll actually consider building monorails instead of trying to maintain a system that is going to suffer every time a superstorm+ hits. If you consider that hurricanes are the planet's air conditioning system, as things get warmer, we'll get more and more of them.

I was broken-hearted and horrified to see what happened to Seaside Heights
in New Jersey. I went there when I was a child with my family and the pictures are just stunning. Most of us who grew up in central NJ had Seaside as a part of our youth.

The Funtown Pier is just gone, the
rides in the drink, all except the
ferris wheel and a roller coaster. The carousel I'm used to is gone, along with its pavilion from the looks of things. It's so sad.

The Casino Pier broke
off and the roller coaster and a couple
of other rides are sitting on the bottom
of the ocean. Fortunately the 100 year old carousel survived the onslaught.
The mayor says they will rebuild, so we can only hope. Surprisingly, Wildwood piers survived without a burp, but they get rebuilt periodically. I don't think Seaside Heights piers are rebuilt that often.

My sister in NJ lost power for about 3-4 days but no problem here. However, I may still invest in a small battery generator just in case...


  1. Glad to see that you are okay. It was so sad to see part of the Atlantic City boardwalk gone. I saw Staten Island got hit hard too. But I see that the cyclone on coney island had no structural damage yeah!

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