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Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm baaack!

Thought for the day: There are few things as distressing as transferring money into checking to cover bills when you have no money coming in.  I really hate this economy. Thanks to many different entities, including greedy-assed bankers and short-sighted politicians, I was let go from my home-based job because a) we got sabotaged in testing (I truly believe this--the person who tested our product deliberately ran it without a vital component so that we grossly failed--when the product was run correctly, we came out near the top of the ratings) so many of our customers dropped us, and b) some of our customers are looking for cheap products instead of good products, which will bite them in the ass eventually but not soon enough to help the company. This sucks moose through a straw. So now I'm applying for SSI, since I still can't work outside of my home and I'll be on the government dole, something I do not enjoy.

My only alternative is to throw everything I know at my ailments and hope they die before I do. Fortunately, due to my research, I know that much of what I'm taking should kill both the lymes bacteria (at least 3 types--oh, joy) and the bacteria that the skin parasite (morgellons/river blindness) need to reproduce and digest their food, which happens to be ME! Currently, I've found that Colloidal Silver is a real winner, with only one drawback--it causes periodic die-off (herx) reactions which can be debilitating for days to weeks, depending on the volume of the bacteria killed. In fact, I just had a bad one today, sleeping for 12 hours straight and unable to get out of bed even for a class I had paid for (fortunately there are make-up classes later on, when I might actually be able to make them).  This is no fun, I assure you.

NOTE: Parts of my blog will deal with my illnesses and how I have been treating them in hopes that others suffering from these illnesses can benefit from my experiences, since medical resources refuse to acknowledge morgellons as a disease entity (in fact, they have denied that many illnesses, including cancer, may be caused by parasites or baterial/viral infections) or that river blindness my exist in the US (since there is no immediate cure, they're probably afraid of a panic if the news got out).

Just to clarify what I said above, colloidal silver is a liquid that can be created using a colloidal-silver generator, which is much cheaper than buying it pre-made. Some people believe that you can turn blue or gray due to it, but they were taking silver SALTS, not colloidal or ionic silver, which is clear with a Tyndall effect--that is, when you hold the glass containing it up to the light, you can see a rainbow effect in the fluid (very pretty but subtle). The water may look a little grayish but it won't tint your skin--I've taken this stuff off and on for years and I'm still the same pallid shade I've always been (except when the oncho/morgellons was really bad, then I was bright pink due to massive skin inflammation due to an allergic reaction to the worms). I take about 4-8 ounces of colloidal silver twice to three times a week, since this stuff doesn't leave the body for a few days. I even combine it with regular water and add a flavoring like MIO or iced tea mix because colloidal silver alone taste a little brackish, like mineral water or water from a can. Actually, the amount you take matters less than the amount of bacteria that dies off at any given time. The toxins released by this die-off causes the herx reaction, which ends when the body eliminates the toxins, however long that takes. I have noticed a profound improvement over time in my condition but the herxes can still be nasty.

This may sound uninteresting to some, but here's the thing--colloidal silver is a great--and natural--antibiotic, antiviral, antiparasitic, antiyeast treatment. Basically, if it's not a part of your body, this stuff can kill it. Another wonderful addition to natural health is coconut oil. This stuff has medium-chain lipid (fats) which are good for your heart and health, contrary to older medical studies. New studies claim that asian countries that use coconut oil for cooking and cosmetics have the lowest cardiac problems of any country in the world. Personally, I use coconut oil on my skin when I'm sitting at home at night rubbing dead parasites out of their nests (sorry for the gross-out factor, but that's my life anymore). You can also eat this stuff, which is largely tasteless, colorless, and odorless, as well as being a liquid at room temperature. I get mine from Amazon (I love Amazon Prime--I tried the one-month free and I think I've already saved a ton on shipping alone. And it's two-day shipping, so I get it really fast! I would recommend it to anyone who uses Amazon a lot.) This stuff is also antiviral and antiparasite. Also, it cleared up my nephew's acne (for as long as he remembered to take it) so it's also antibacterial. You can cook with it like any oil or lard and it will be good for you!

Well, away from medicine for a while. I've found that one good thing about not working is the decreased stress level, which helps the body to use its energies and resources on other things, like killing off invaders. One bad thing about not working is not having an income, which causes stress. You can't win some days.

While I'm  home, I'm working on a few things. I'm taking courses at home that will enable me to regain my nursing license and start a "new" career (I let it lapse because I thought my most recent job would be the one I'd stay with. Will surprises never cease). I've also started investigating the "spiritual" side of life (not religious, spiritual. There's a big difference.) by researching and taking classes. More on that later.

I've also started this blog, partly to stay in touch with people and as a form of at-home therapy, but partly to share what I've learned as I've gone through life and had to deal with the adversities I've encountered. I really want to help others who have similar problems. It may work, it may not, but you get nowhere if you don't try.

Talk to ya later!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Sorry for the outburst, but I had to buy a new DVD/VHS recorder because the old one didn't play my BBC DVDs due to format changes. The new one plays my Sherlock dvd and I am a happy camper. Although, now, I want to play my new Avengers dvd that arrived today, along with my 100 count Slim Jim box. I'm not a great meat eater when I'm sick (or even when I'm well. I'm what George Carlin called a "fussy eater"--shorthand for "big pain in the ass") so I can at least get some animal protein if I don't feel like eating much.

I watched Iron Man 2 the other day and agree with one critic--it was embarrassing. A drunk Iron Man is the last thing I want to see. I'm actually even enjoying the ads for the various products being offered. Silly.

(Jeopardy music playing)

OK, finished the movie. I enjoyed it. Being a long-time comics reader years ago, I always wondered how they'd choreograph a major battle scene from the comics on the big screen. Now I know, but it was confusing and it was intense. And I still think Loki is adorable--evil, but adorable. And I'm not even a fan of bad boys!

Gonna be a short one today. I'm still Herxing and am exhausted and sort of spacy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I was just sitting here watching "Battle: Los Angeles" for the nth time (I love this movie) when I decided to call my friend Pete and mention something to him. He's a hard-core Republican, I'm a disgruntled Democrat, so I wanted to tease him about Romney's quote regarding why don't airplane windows wind down like car windows do, which I thought was hilarious. Pete thought it was less so, but we continued to talk and started discussing the who will be better for small business and the trickle-down theory, along with the fact that the wealthy don't seem to be creating libraries and parks, etc, like Carnegie, Rockefeller, et al used to do.

Then Pete asked who the pig-tailed country singer was who had given away all his money when he was wealthy (Willy Nelson). I mentioned that he was back in the game again by producing bio-diesel for trucks. Pete said that he heard that the exhaust from the used oil smelled like french fries or, if your fuel came from a fryer in chicken joint, fried chicken. Maybe it would smell like cod down south. I remarked that it might be bad for someone on a diet, except that smelling it might actually make you LESS hungry. Could you see it now? "Hey, Bob, I'm on a diet. Willya rev up the truck for me again so I can get a good whiff this time? I gotta get into a size smaller next week."
"Captain, some dangerous non seqitors have been sighted! What should we do?"
"Phasers on fabulous, Mr Sulu!"

I suppose I should warn anyone reading this blog that it's gonna be weird. Mainly because I am. I've been weird all my life and, frankly, just learned to embrace it. The ADHD is part of it, but I just never really saw eye-to-eye with my peers growing up. I only had a few close friends and they were the unusual ones too. Got bullied a lot in high school  because of it. Looking back, I don't mind too much anymore because I believe that, after death, we are reborn into new bodies in order to learn things we can't learn as spirits. I also believe in karma, which means that those people who bullied me in school or have otherwise been not-nice people will probably come back as cockroaches. *squish*

My sister has a signature file that says something like "Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind". Using that logic, anyone who thinks I am trying to hurt or insult anyone with this blog obviously doesn't know me at all and, therefore, doesn't matter.  I have a button somewhere with the latin version of "Screw 'em if they can't take a joke", which basically matches my philosophy of "Don't take life so seriously. You're not going to get out of it alive anyway." So there. Nyah.

Mmmm...lo-cal ice cream bar--breakfast of champions. And that's because I feel sorta nauseous today. That happens when I'm having something called a Herxheimer reaction, or die-off crisis. I had a pretty good day yesterday, so I can pretty much predict that the next day will be crappy. Okay, let's all sing along with me...

           "I feel crappy, oh, so crappy, I feel crappy and snappy and blah!"

That used to make Dad laugh when I'd sing that on my bad days. I miss him. He was so supportive of my attempts to get diagnosed and treated and he, at 90 years old, used to take care of me--that's how bad it was. I promised him that I'd write a paper about my condition so that others wouldn't have to suffer like I've had to because of the ignorant boobs in the medical profession who A) can't differentiate Mononucleosis from Lymes Disease, and B) don't want to admit that a skin parasite found in third world countries like Africa, Mexico, and South America could possibly find its way into the USA. Sure, no such thing as tourism or illegal immigrants or international trade could possibly be responsible for a little black fly ending up in New Jersey, the swampland of the East Coast, right?  Pardon me while I clean up the sarcasm off the floor before it burns a hole in my downstairs neighbor's ceiling.

Just to clarify for those who don't know, I contracted lymes in March of 1995 (my friends in the Lunatyk Phrynge will remember it as the week before the Balticon when our presentation, "The Masque of the Red Death" was totally dissed for an award even though we won awards for workmanship and some crappy costume by a friend of a judge won an award. That one still pisses me off. Three bad judges, three more cockroaches).  It was misdiagnosed and, therefore, never treated. By the time I was diagnosed with lymes it was 2007 and antibiotics wouldn't do any real good because the disease was so deeply entrenched. Then, on vacation in August of 2003 at the Jersey Shore, I was bitten by a black fly. No big news there, but about a week or two later I started developing red, itchy bumps on my arm where the bite was, which then opened up into non-healing sores. No doctor knew how to treat it, so it just spread all over my body. I even started to lose my eyesight at one point. I did lots and lots of research on the web until I finally figured out, through a painstaking process of elimination, that I did, indeed have lymes (this was years before my diagnosis) and that I had contracted something called Morgellon's disease, which accounted for the skin ulcers and visual problems and which had no cure. However, on further research, I determined that Morgellons and River Blindness have the same symptoms that I have and that River Blindness, otherwise known as Onchocerciasis, can be treated by tetracycline, which also kills lymes.

This is good, you think. This can be cured, right? Uh, no, sorry. As I said before, the lymes is deeply entrenched and, while a short course of tetracycline did save my eyesight, I couldn't find a doctor to prescribe it for me long-term and in high enough dose to make a real difference. After all, new lymes patients are treated by intravenous tetracycline, something that wasn't done for me. After much research and experimentation, and some advice from knowledgeable friends and relatives, I started basically throwing the kitchen sink of alternative medicine at these conditions. So far, they seem to be helping in the long run, except that they cause the die-off reaction that I mentioned earlier and the change is slooooow. So, to make a long story short (yeah, I know, too late), I'm herxing (as we call it) and tired and grouchy, etc, etc, etc.

Anyhow (one of my favorite words, since I tend to change topics often), here I am back at the keyboard, watching TV and hoping that my new dvd recorder will play my BBC dvd titles. The old one didn't but it was over 6 years old and I was told that some of the formats had changes a bit. I especially want to be able to watch "Sherlock" and "Mrs Bradley Mysteries" w/ Dame Diana Rigg of "The Avengers" fame (no, the old one, not the superhero one).

Actually, speaking of which, I just ordered the dvd of "The Avengers", which I haven't seen but I've heard great things about. I've already seen "Thor" and will buy it just so I can rewind Thor without a shirt and just about any scene with Loki in it. >drool< Hey, I may be middle-aged, but I know eye candy when I see it. I wonder where I can find a nice middle-aged viking...

Need some  rest right now, will be back. This beats just sitting in a lounger feeling rotten.
This is my first entry in my first blog and all I can say is HOLY CRAPOLY, BATMAN! I have been working all evening to try to create a website in the mistaken belief that I needed a website in order to have a blog. WRONG! I found this site after many hours of "download this, upload that, do you really want to do that, WHAT A HORRIBLE PICTURE I DON'T WANT THAT ON MY SITE!" I even got a new email address--which promptly supplanted my old email so that I can't access any of my previous mail. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! I feel like I've been electronically de-pantsed, if you know what I mean. I finally just got so frustrated that I just cancelled the entire thing, except for the domain name, in case I want to try this fiasco again later.

This actually wasn't a good time for me to be spending money on something like this anyway. I just had to lay out several thousand dollars in bills and rent, and with no money coming in, I just can't justify the cost if there is a free way to do this. Darn, I keep accidentally hitting the menu dropdown for some reason. I'm just not used to typing on a laptop anymore. I'm more accustomed to typing on an ergonomic keyboard. I'll adapt, I'm sure.

Hmph, I just did a preview of this and I noticed the time is off. It says around 1 am, I say it's around 5 am. Must be in another time zone or dimension, I don't know. Damn, hit it again. Gotta get some sleep sometime.