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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I was just sitting here watching "Battle: Los Angeles" for the nth time (I love this movie) when I decided to call my friend Pete and mention something to him. He's a hard-core Republican, I'm a disgruntled Democrat, so I wanted to tease him about Romney's quote regarding why don't airplane windows wind down like car windows do, which I thought was hilarious. Pete thought it was less so, but we continued to talk and started discussing the who will be better for small business and the trickle-down theory, along with the fact that the wealthy don't seem to be creating libraries and parks, etc, like Carnegie, Rockefeller, et al used to do.

Then Pete asked who the pig-tailed country singer was who had given away all his money when he was wealthy (Willy Nelson). I mentioned that he was back in the game again by producing bio-diesel for trucks. Pete said that he heard that the exhaust from the used oil smelled like french fries or, if your fuel came from a fryer in chicken joint, fried chicken. Maybe it would smell like cod down south. I remarked that it might be bad for someone on a diet, except that smelling it might actually make you LESS hungry. Could you see it now? "Hey, Bob, I'm on a diet. Willya rev up the truck for me again so I can get a good whiff this time? I gotta get into a size smaller next week."

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