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Friday, December 28, 2018


Hi! This used to be my old blog, but it's currently being reborn as my writer's blog!

Not that I'm a great one for writing a blog...being an introvert, and all, but I need to put out a presence as a new writer, so I'm giving it another shot.

Since August of this year, I have written and published a few books. I'm rather pleased by this, even if no one knows anything about them yet. I have moved from writing BBC Sherlock fanfiction to writing what I jokingly call Werelock Holmes, otherwise known as "The Weres of London" series.

There are currently three books in the series: A Most Dangerous Prey, The Adventuress and the Predator, and The Cat and the Canary, in that order. They are on and available in paperback, kindle, Large Print, and Large Print kindle. Each. That's 12 incarnations of 3 books.

Besides that, I have also written and published a book of short stories called "Slightly Twisted Tales." As you can guess, they are not just short stories, but also just a tiny bit weird. My brain works like that, when it decides to work at all. ADHD is like that, as my fellows know.

Anyhow, it's been four months since my first publishing. Someone said that being a writer is like being a comedian, telling a joke, and waiting two years to see if anyone laughs. I do have one very good review, so, hopefully, more will follow!