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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Sorry for the outburst, but I had to buy a new DVD/VHS recorder because the old one didn't play my BBC DVDs due to format changes. The new one plays my Sherlock dvd and I am a happy camper. Although, now, I want to play my new Avengers dvd that arrived today, along with my 100 count Slim Jim box. I'm not a great meat eater when I'm sick (or even when I'm well. I'm what George Carlin called a "fussy eater"--shorthand for "big pain in the ass") so I can at least get some animal protein if I don't feel like eating much.

I watched Iron Man 2 the other day and agree with one critic--it was embarrassing. A drunk Iron Man is the last thing I want to see. I'm actually even enjoying the ads for the various products being offered. Silly.

(Jeopardy music playing)

OK, finished the movie. I enjoyed it. Being a long-time comics reader years ago, I always wondered how they'd choreograph a major battle scene from the comics on the big screen. Now I know, but it was confusing and it was intense. And I still think Loki is adorable--evil, but adorable. And I'm not even a fan of bad boys!

Gonna be a short one today. I'm still Herxing and am exhausted and sort of spacy.

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